Dawn's 'Til Dusk

something new

and familiar

Twenty years ago, on a small tree-lined street in Cobble Hill, a newly married couple hung up a shingle and began baking jewel-sized cookies, two-handed whoopie pies, and lavish layer cakes for their neighbors in Brooklyn. They soon expanded to to feed their neighbors in DUMBO.

Two decades (and two kids) later, One Girl Cookies owners Dawn Casale and Dave Crofton have reimagined their DUMBO corner cookie shop as a day-to-night, coffee-to-wine, come-as-you-are all day cafe — Dawn’s ‘TIL DUSK.

From breakfast sandwiches to oversized salads and grain bowls, to cheese boards and wine-friendly snacks (and cookies and cake!), the menu matches any mood and moment, whether washed down with a piping hot latte or a glass of rosé

Dawn’s ‘TIL DUSK is a love letter to New York, built with the Brooklyn community at its heart. Come complain about the road repairs over a glass of wine. Bring your kid for a black & white cookie after camp. Duck in for lunch to avoid the selfie sticks on Washington. Dawn and Dave can’t wait to welcome you into their little slice of home on the corner of Water and Main!