Dawn's 'Til Dusk
Dawn's 'Til Dusk

By New York, For New York

This restaurant is a New Yorker. It’s got a certain energy about it that’s hard to describe. But if you live here, you just get it. On your first visit you look at the menu but after that you don’t–you’ll have a breakfast sandwich and an iced coffee, or the Cuban, or the good red and the olives.

The space is friendly, but a little intimidating–its high ceilings and that big, bold mural mimic the exhilaration of standing in downtown Manhattan, staring up at skyscrapers. The lunch menu takes diners from Bensonhurst to the Bronx (and lingers at Canal Street). It’s open all day, in a city that never sleeps–but TBH, that expression makes our eyes roll.

The Backstory

Dawn’s the restaurant is (slightly reluctantly) named for Dawn the person: the woman who started One Girl Cookies in her apartment and kept it there until walking vats of dough around her West Village block in search of an oven wasn’t…cute anymore.

But it’s also named for everyone who came before Dawn. Uncle Joe coming up from the Bronx with his favorite sausage on the 4th of July. Everyone piling into the kitchen for the Feast of the Seven Fishes. Time with grandma, in the kitchen in Queens. These are the moments we’re inviting our guests to recreate. Come catch up with a friend over a glass of wine. Bring your kid for a black & white cookie after camp. Duck in for lunch, to escape the selfie sticks on Washington. Our family is always here for yours

Dawn's Til Dusk

Breakfast Pastries

A rotating assortment, all freshly baked. Hint: New York style Crumb Cake (wink).

Egg Sandwiches

Organic eggs, Saxelby cheddar cheese, housemade jalapeno on a Bien Cuit brioche roll.

Hot Beverages

From flat whites to matcha lattes to mochas to…. Well you get it.

Sweet Stuff

Of all kinds. We’ve got what you need to satisfy that

Flavors inspired by

every corner of our city

German Cuban

A traditional sandwich with some Bavarian inspiration.

Streetcart Salad



Layer cakes, loaf cakes, cupcakes. We’ve got them.

Chicken & Broccoli Sandwich

Chinatown? Little Italy? A little of both.

Food connects us

To our families, to our friends and to eachother. Our menu is a vibrant (and delicious) celebration of a multi-generational story that so many New Yorkers share.

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